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Local rules

Local Rules – ‘Golf de Cornouaille’

These Local Rules apply in addition to the Permanent Local Rules of the federal competition, displayed on the Official Board.

Training before competition is permitted before and after the rounds, on and around the putting-green which is situated to the left of the tee on hole 1 (please don’t disturb players starting at hole 1).

Out-of-Bounds (OoB)

Driving range is OoB.

The OoB next to the right side of holes 9, 12 and 14 applies only for those holes. The white poles and white lines which mark it are deemed as ‘immovable obstructions’ (R.24-2) for the game on the other holes.

The elements defining OoB as walls, fences (except internal reinforcement), poles and hoarding are no obstructions.

Water hazards
All the non marked ditches on the site are ‘side water hazards’. Their edge are considered to be the change in gradient of the soil which border them.

‘Immovable obstructions’

– Stone, gravelled and/or tarred roads on the site.
– Staked or Protected Trees.
– Flower- or plantation beds marked with blue poles: hole 15.
– Wire fences for protection and their supports on the site.
Ground under repair

– Deep tracks on the course made by machines (@ fairway and rough)
– Hollow damaged areas on the greens

On the hole 12, ground under repair behind the green. Compulsory to drop in the dropping zone.
A player must mark his or her ball before removing it under this rule incurs one stroke penalty.

Watered bunkers are deemed as under repair.

Stones may be removed from bunkers if they represent a danger to players. They are deemed as loose impediments. (R.24-1)

PENALTY for breach of Local Rules: 2 strokes.

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