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Golf Club Constitution



Société de Gestion du Golf de Cornouaille




SOGECOR is a company which runs all the installations in Cornwall. It is managed by a board of directors. They delegate to their President the largest powers but the ones which the law specially attributes to the shareholders assemblies. As well as powers specifically reserved for the board of directors, within the limits of the social objective. Considering a person, playing golf implies that she or he becomes a member of the SOGECOR by paying an annual subscription or a green fee for each round.



The purpose of those rules is to establish and inform how the SOGECOR runs and how to use the installations (18 hole course, driving range, restaurant).

When paying the annual subscription, the member accepts ipso facto those rules and renounces any appeal, whichever it is, against their enforcement.


Admission of members

The membership has to be approved by each member of the board of directors and this latter will not have to justify its decision in case of non acceptance.

The minors have to give a parental consent or from their guardian, including the specific acceptance of those regulations.

Young people under 30 years may be required to show their Identity Card.


Access Card

Each member receives, after the payment of the due subscription, a personal Access Card including a recent photography of her or him, as well as an Identity badge with a sticker renewed each year.

This card permits access to the installations of ‘Golf de Cornouaille’ under the conditions of those present Rules and within the limits of the subscription payed.

The card is required at the Golf entry and could be required elsewhere at any moment.

The card is personal and non transferable. Its lending represents a breach punishable by deprivation of membership.


Membership is renewable from year to year, only on call for dues.
SOGECOR may refuse the renewal of a membership provided that it notifies the person concerned with a recorded writing, one month before the due date for subscription.


The annual subscription is to be paid before the due date indicated on the call for dues. Its payment confirms the member her or his right to play golf on the installations of the ‘Golf de Cornouaille’ until the end of her or his subscription.

Should the member not pay the subscription within the due date, membership will be immediately rescinded with no more rights to play.


Suspension – Striking off

SOGECOR has absolute discretion as to pronounce either a suspension, either a striking off against a member who has acted contrary to those Rules and Regulations or the Etiquette.

SOGECOR is particularly enable to initiate disciplinary procedures, included striking off, in those situations. The list is not restrictive.

– A member lends her or his Access Card to someone else.
– A member has failed to pay his subscription on due date.
– A member has committed non authorized acts or deliberately damaged the installations of ‘Golf de Cornouaille’.

Any Member conducting himself or herself, whether inside or outside the Club premises so as in the opinion of the SOGECOR to injure or discredit the character of the SOGECOR or ‘Golf de Cornouaille’, may be suspended, or deprived of Membership by the SOGECOR, after her or him being received by an ad hoc commission – constituted with three members of the Board of Directors – in order to assert her or his rights.

Should the member be deprived of her or his membership, SOGECOR will refund her or him partially for the current annual subscription, within the limits of the remaining duration between the date of the sanction and the end of the annual subscription. There will be no reimbursement in case of temporarily suspension.

The member penalized can in no way require or claim for compensation of any sort.

A person deprived of her or his membership cannot access – even occasionally – to the installations of ‘Golf de Cornouaille’, or be invited by another member. In this latter situation the member hosting her or him could even be punished.

Etiquette Rules

All golfers should strictly respect the Etiquette Rules as defined in the French Golf Federation. They should particularly respect the temporary closing of the course, as well as follow the tracks reserved for the trolleys and golf buggies.



Cars, motorbikes, bikes and any machine should park and circulate on the only areas to that purpose, unless they get a special authorization.



Minors entering the golf place remain under the entire responsibility of the members who invited them.

Members and Visitors are responsible for any damage they could cause to the installations or equipment of the ‘Golf de Cornouaille’.

SOGECOR is covered by insurance, for any personal injury that members or visitors could suffer from, caused by a failure of the installations or equipment of ‘Golf de Cornouaille’ or its employees.

SOGECOR can’t be held liable for any robbery or destruction – for any reason – of members’, visitors’ or third party’s belongings.

SOGECOR takes no responsibility in case of medical incompatibility of the members for sport or side activities done on the whole site of the installations of ‘Golf de Cornouaille’.


Players categories

SOGECOR welcomes on its course members who are permanently resident in departments 29 and 56 and pay an annual full or weekly subscription, country members and visitors paying a green fee.

On the Golf course, all players should be identified thanks to their Identification ticket on their clothing or equipment. The Identification badge for the members or a green fee for the visitors.


Access to the course

Only members owning a valid membership card and visitors owning a green fee delivered by the reception of the golf club at the due price may enter the Golf Course.

All golfers, members or visitors, are required to go to the reception desk before entering the golf course. They are also required to wear smart clothes, in conformity with golf etiquette.

Players have to book their tee in advance at the reception. Any non booked tee will be possible only if there is no booking at the time they arrive for playing. Any golfer or group of golfers who try to play – without the agreement of the reception – between tees which have been booked in accordance with rules will be immediately excluded from the course.


Miscellaneous – Forbidden games

For safety, peacefulness and hygiene, any game of chance or money, any religious or political meeting, any animal are prohibited on the installations of the ‘Golf de Cornouaille’.

Exceptionally, dogs kept on the leash could be authorized, strictly provided that they don’t disturb other players in any way